Why Visit CFW

  • Why Visit CFW

    CFW will offer exhibitors and attendees alike an unparalleled industry experience by bringing together unique event advantages:

    • CFW is the largest trade fashion show in the region.
    • CFW brings to the show floor the full array of technology and services available to this diverse fashion industry. Visitors will experience new product introductions from exhibitors specializing in apparel, home and other non-apparel sectors like beauty, automotive and a lot of other fashionable goods & luxuries.
    • Will deliver value to all segments of the fashion products industry including apparel, cosmetics, accessories, home furniture & upholstery, footwear, leather goods, textiles and much much more.
    • Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy very interesting features at the show such as the Fashion Show, Competitions and beauty workshops.
    • Network with thousands of industry peers and like minded people at the show.
    • Do business, multiply your business opportunities by meeting exhibiting brands from the world over.
    • Reinforce your relationships with your present partners.
    • Sharpen your strategies by tracking the emerging concepts and observing the specifications of international markets.