Major Activities

  • Major Activities


    The CFW gives aspiring new businesses the opportunity and the know-how to begin their dreams to reality. Our major focus of marketing includes press releases, email blasts, print advertisements, newspaper, magazines, and online sources possible, TV commercial and an extensive media coverage including all local and international TV channels and press that will be partnered with the marketing efforts of our event media sponsors. Your company will reach a diverse audience throughout the CFW, in addition to another audience that will see your company's name via various marketing tools.


    CFW 2015 is proud to share a media partnership with premier magazines. All of partner publications, web portals, TV channel, etc. realize the fantastic benefits that partnership can give; increased exposure, brand recognition and the ability to stand apart from the competition.


    One of CFW major strategic goals is to provide qualified prospective entrepreneurs with the right franchise or business opportunity that meets their needs. We showcase hundreds of franchise and business opportunities in a variety of industries including new start-ups to established companies.

    Business Program

    CFW Business Program serves as a one-stop trade fashion show knowledge base to help you fully benefit from all aspects of event participation and achieve enviable results from your work. Our trade fashion show represents a significant opportunity to enhance brand and product visibility, promote new and existing products, generate leads and drive incremental sales.

    CFW Training Program

    Through its Training Program the unique structure of CFW offers a "bouquet" of programs and courses at the hands of selected premier international and national lecturers. Training will be provided by local Experts in the apparel, fashion design, costume, and retail, textiles, merchandising, and management industries.